How To Kill Grass Between Pavers | 3 Methods

Grass growing between paving stones.

Do you have unwanted grasses and/or weeds growing between your pavers? In this guide, we’ve explained how to kill grass that’s growing in between your pavers. We’ve also explained how to prevent grass from growing in these gaps, to stop it coming back. How to kill grass between pavers Below, we’ve explained three ways to … Read more

How To Separate Grass From A Flower Bed | 4 Edging Ideas

Lawn free from clover.

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Orange Hawkweed Explained | How To Control Fox-And-Cubs

Orange Hawkweed flowers.

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How To Lay Gravel Over Grass: The Ultimate Guide

Gravel path on a lawn.

If you don’t have the time to maintain your lawn, or you have a small area of grass that you would prefer not to bother cutting, replacing grass with gravel is actually quite simple to do. When installed correctly, gravel is a low-maintenance way of making your garden look nicer. Plus, it offers great drainage, … Read more

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Wheelbarrow full of logs and dirt.

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Petrol rotavator.

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Hedge trimmer being used on hedge.

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