How To Drain A Lawn | Fix Waterlogged Grass

French drain system.

If your lawn gets waterlogged easily after rain, this can be extremely frustrating, especially if the water is very slow to drain as the weather dries up. Fortunately, if you live in a wet part of the UK, and your lawn doesn’t drain easily, there are steps you can take to fix this issue. In … Read more

7 Best Lawn Spreaders | Rotary, Drop, Hand Held Spreaders

Man using a drop spreader.

Need something to help spread salt, grass seeds, or fertiliser on your lawn? In this buyer’s guide, we’ve reviewed the best lawn spreaders in 2021, including rotary, drop, and hand held lawn spreaders. Quick comparison table BEST ROTARY SPREADER BEST DROP SPREADER BEST HAND SPREADER Best lawn spreaders Let’s begin our reviews. In this part, … Read more

How To Roll A Lawn | The Ultimate Guide

Freshly mown lawn.

There are many different opinions on the practice of rolling out your lawn. Some say it will damage the topsoil and harm grass growth. Others argue it helps ensure an even lawn, and is necessary to do in the spring. In this guide, we’ve explained how to roll a lawn without damaging it. We’ve also … Read more