How To Dispose Of Grass Cuttings | 5 Ways | UK

Grass clippings in a bin.

If you have a larger lawn, such as one that you cut with a ride-on lawn mower, you probably generate quite a lot of lawn cuttings. In this guide, we’ve explained some of the options you have to dispose of excess grass cuttings in the UK. We’ve ordered these options from most to least convenient … Read more

How To Cut Long Grass | With A Lawnmower/Other Tools

Man trying to cut extremely long grass.

If your grass has grown extremely long, you might be wondering how best to cut it, without damaging your lawn. In this guide, we’ve explained the best ways to cut an overgrown lawn, and make your grass neat and tidy again. How to cut long grass Below, we’ve explained how to cut long grass, even … Read more