How To Level A Lawn: The Ultimate Guide

Bumpy, uneven lawn.

Want to eliminate bumps in your lawn, and make it nice and flat? In this lawn care guide, we’ll explain how to level a lawn, no matter whether it has small lumps or large hollows that need filling. Contents Why is my lawn uneven? Preparing to level your lawn How to level shallow bumps (up … Read more

What Is Scarifying A Lawn? Why Scarify Your Grass

Lawn with extreme thatch buildup.

Curious about what scarifying is, and whether or not you should scarify your lawn? In this guide, we’ve explained everything you need to know about scarifying your lawn, including why and how to scarify, and the benefits of scarification as a part of your lawn care routine. Contents What is scarifying a lawn? Why scarify … Read more

How To Lay Gravel Over Grass: The Ultimate Guide

Gravel path on a lawn.

If you don’t have the time to maintain your lawn, or you have a small area of grass that you would prefer not to bother cutting, replacing grass with gravel is actually quite simple to do. When installed correctly, gravel is a low-maintenance way of making your garden look nicer. Plus, it offers great drainage, … Read more

7 Best Lawn Edgers | Manual & Petrol Edgers | UK

Manual lawn edger.

Looking to create clean, neat edges between your lawn and your patio or flower beds? In this guide, we’ve looked at 5 of the best lawn edgers for sale in the UK in 2021, including simple manual half moon edging knives and more advanced petrol lawn edgers. We’ve also discussed some key things to consider … Read more

7 Best Lawn Aerators | Electric, Manual, Plug Aerators | UK

Looking to aerate and improve the health of your lawn? In this buyer’s guide, we’ve reviewed the 7 best lawn aerators you can buy in 2021. We’ve also explained the different types of lawn aerators, and discussed some key things to consider when buying. Quick Comparison Table BEST CORING AERATOR BEST POWERED AERATOR BEST AERATOR … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Ants In Grass | 3 Natural Methods

Ants entering an ant mound.

Ants can be an annoying pest to deal with if they’re formed a colony on your lawn. They’re small, hardy, and grow in number quite quickly. While using insecticides might seem like the best way of killing ants in your lawn, there are some issues with doing this. Chemical pest control can kill off other … Read more

How To Top Dress A Lawn | With Compost Or Sand | UK

Compost in a wheel barrow on a lawn.

If you’re for a natural way to keep your grass healthy, you might be considering top dressing your lawn. In this lawn care guide, we’ll explain how to top dress a lawn, with either compost or sand (and when to use each option). What is top dressing? Top dressing is the act of spreading a … Read more

How To Overseed A Lawn: The Ultimate Guide (UK)

Hand spreader spreading fertiliser.

If your lawn is looking a little thin, you may be considering overseeding it. Overseeding is a common lawn care tactic, and is a great way to rejuvenate an existing lawn. It’s a normal part of keeping your lawn looking its best. In this guide, we’ll explain how to overseed a lawn in the UK. … Read more

5 Best Lawn Scarifiers | Grass Rakers | UK | 2021

Effect of scarifying on the look of a lawn.

Looking for a scarifier to improve the health of your lawn? In this buyer’s guide, we’ve reviewed the 5 best lawn scarifiers you can buy in the UK right now. We’ve compared each option based on its quality, ease of use, durability, and effectiveness at clearing moss and thatch buildup. Quick comparison table BEST OVERALL … Read more

Benefits Of Mulching Grass – Explained | Why Mulch Grass?

Corded lawn mower cutting grass.

For many people, when you think about mowing your lawn, you associate this with a mower with a grass box, collecting clippings as you mow. However, in the UK, mulching your grass, rather than collecting the clippings, is becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we’ll explain what exactly mulching is, and why you might consider … Read more