Disadvantages Of Mulching Grass | Should You Mulch Or Bag?

Mulching grass can be an easy and effective way to feed your lawn, without having to spend a penny. However, although there are many benefits of mulching grass, there are also some downsides to this practice as well. In this guide, we’ve explained the downsides to mulching grass, so that you can decide whether or … Read more

What Height Should I Cut My Grass? In Each Season | UK

Man mowing the lawn.

Nearly all lawn mowers these days have adjustable cutting heights. You might see mowers with an advertised mowing height of between 30-75mm, for example. This raises the obvious question – how high should you cut your grass? In this buyer’s guide, we’ve explained what height you should cut your grass in the UK, at different … Read more

Benefits Of Mulching Grass – Explained | Why Mulch Grass?

Mulching lawn mower cutting grass.

For many people, when you think about mowing your lawn, you associate this with a mower with a grass box, collecting clippings as you mow. However, in the UK, mulching your grass, rather than collecting the clippings, is becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we’ll explain what exactly mulching is, and why you might consider … Read more

When To Cut New Grass: The Ultimate Guide

Manual mower being used.

If you’ve just planted or rolled out a new lawn and it’s started growing, congratulations! The hard work of getting your lawn started is done. However, you’re probably wondering at this stage: when should I cut my new grass? Is it too early to cut it now? And how should I cut newly laid grass? … Read more