When Does Grass Stop Growing In Winter?

Frost on a lawn.

In the UK, your grass is very likely to stop growing in the winter. When the weather gets cold, your grass becomes dormant, helping it to see through the winter months. Here’s what you need to know about caring for your lawn in winter in the UK. When does grass stop growing? Grass stops growing … Read more

7 Best Lawn Spreaders | Rotary, Drop, Hand Held Spreaders

Man using a drop spreader.

Need something to help spread salt, grass seed, or fertiliser on your lawn? In this buyer’s guide, we’ve tried to find the best lawn spreader in 2021, looking at rotary, drop, and hand held lawn spreaders. Quick comparison table BEST ROTARY SPREADER BEST DROP SPREADER BEST HAND SPREADER Best lawn spreaders Let’s begin our reviews. … Read more

The Best Temperature For Grass To Grow: Explained

Grass with dew growing in warm climate.

If you’ve just planted new grass seeds in the autumn or winter, you might be wondering whether or not they are actually going to grow while the weather is cold. Conversely, if you live in a warmer climate, you might be wondering why your grass doesn’t grow as fast in the middle of summer when … Read more

What Is The Fastest Growing Grass Seed?

Grass growing in the soil.

Do you have a bare patch in your lawn you want to cover up? Or are you just looking for the fastest growing grass seeds? The type of grass seed you plant will have a big impact on how fast you’ll have a lawn you can walk on. Here’s what you need to know when … Read more