5 Lawn Mower Storage Ideas | Sheds, Shelves, & More

Lawn mower outside a large shed.

Looking for some lawn mower storage ideas other than parking it in the corner of your shed? In this guide, we’ll explain the 5 best ways to store a lawn mower, and how to ensure the mower is ready to use immediately in the spring. Why is it important to store your lawn mower properly? … Read more

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades | The Ultimate Guide

Lawn mower with blades that need sharpening.

With regular use, your lawn mower blades will eventually become dull. This results in them ripping rather than cutting you grass, resulting in a ragged look, and potentially damaging your lawn in the long term. If you have a mower with metal blades, you can sharpen them to return to maximum mowing effectiveness. Here’s how … Read more