5 Best Flymo Lawn Mowers | Reviewed | UK | 2021

Wondering which Flymo lawn mower to get?

In this buyer’s guide, we’ve reviewed the 5 best Flymo lawn mowers for sale in the UK right now.

We’ve also explained some key things to know, to help you shop the Flymo mower range.

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Hover Vac 280

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Best Flymo lawn mowers

Flymo hover lawn mower.
A Flymo hover lawn mower.

Time to begin our reviews.

Below, we’ve looked at the 5 best Flymo lawn mowers you can buy in 2021.

1. Flymo Hover Vac 280

This is probably the best-selling Flymo lawn mower in the UK right now.

There are a few different reasons why it’s so popular.

To start with, this hover collect lawn mower is very easy to use. It creates a strong cushion of air under the cutting deck, making it very manoeuvrable, even on sloped surfaces. And since it comes with a cordless electric motor, all you need to do is plug it in and begin mowing.

Secondly, this mower is the perfect size for small to medium-sized British lawns. The 28cm cutting width allows you to cut the grass relatively quickly, without making the mower too big and bulky. It works well in tight spaces, as well as on slopes. However, it’s not big enough for large gardens, partly because this lawn mower needs to be plugged in at all times.

Also, the Hover Vac 280 is very reasonably priced. Since it’s small, lightweight, and has quite a simple design, it doesn’t cost much.

Overall, if you’re looking for a simple but effective way of mowing a small to medium-sized lawn, this hover collect lawn mower is definitely worth considering.



  • Great price.
  • Light & manoeuvrable.
  • Works well on slopes and in tight spots.
  • Easy to get started with.
  • Cons

  • Not the best for large gardens.
  • Overall value rating


    2. Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C

    Looking for a slightly larger mower for a bigger garden?

    The Speedi-Mo 360C is one of Flymo’s best rotary mowers.

    Although it’s relatively large compared to the previous mower we looked at, with a 36cm cutting width, it’s still quite lightweight. You’ll notice that Flymo has used quite a lot of plastic on the body of this lawn mower. As a result, it doesn’t feel extremely sturdy, although it is durable. The main benefit of this design though is it makes the mower very easy to manoeuvre, despite its size.

    The steel rotary blades used are quite good quality, and produce a clean, consistent cut, even on thick grass. The 1500W motor provides plenty of power, but is a bit loud when compared to similar corded electric mowers. Flymo have also included a small grass box on this mower, helping you leave your lawn neat and tidy after a mow – its grass collection capabilities are quite good.

    Flymo has included a 12m power cord with this mower, which provides plenty of length. However, you may need to look at an extension cable if your lawn is a long way away from the nearest power outlet.



  • Steel blades offer a clean cut.
  • Plenty of power.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with a 12m power cord.
  • Cons

  • Feels a little flimsy due to the plastic, although this makes it more manoeuvrable.
  • Overall value rating


    3. Flymo EasiLife 500 GO

    In recent years, Flymo has started to take advantage of the latest mowing trend, by making robotic lawn mowers.

    Like most robotic lawn mowers, the EasiLife 500 GO is quite expensive. However, it really does make mowing effortless.

    After mowing, this robot automatically returns to its charging station, ready for the next mow. It’s smart enough to know when your grass needs cutting, and has a temperature gauge, helping it to avoid mowing the lawn when it’s too frosty.

    If you ever need to change the automated mowing schedule, for example when your kids are playing on the lawn, you can do this with your smartphone using the Flymo app.

    This lawn mower is also quite smart when it comes to navigation. It’s good at mowing right up to the boundaries of your garden, while avoiding obstacles such as trees. Plus, it can mow along narrow passages with ease. There’s no grass collection box, meaning you never need to empty it.

    Flymo’s robot is quiet enough to use at night, and can even handle uneven lawns. However it’s not big enough to manage extremely large gardens – the cutting width is quite small.



  • Smart, navigates itself and dodges obstacles well.
  • Can keep your grass short without you ever having to lift a finger.
  • Won’t cut your grass when it’s too frosty.
  • Works on bumpy lawns.
  • Cons

  • Expensive.
  • Not suitable for lawns over 500 square metres.
  • Overall value rating


    4. Flymo Hover Vac 250

    This hover mower is a smaller version of the Hover Vac 280 we looked at above.

    Because it only has a 25cm cutting width, this lawn mower is best for very small lawns where having the ability to make tight turns is key. The last thing you want is to always be making awkward turns or bumping into things with a lawn mower that’s too big for your garden.

    Despite its size, the Hover Vac 250 still comes with a 15 litre grass box, which although it’s small, still provides enough capacity for smaller lawns. However, this hover collect lawn mower will still leave some clippings on your lawn – it doesn’t collect all the grass as you mow.

    Another nice thing about this mower is the double-sided trigger on the handle. Rather than having the lever on just one side, there is a trigger on both sides of the handle. This means that if you get tired of using just one hand, you can switch – and it also makes the mower more comfortable to use if you’re left-handed.

    Like most of Flymo’s small hover lawn mowers, this one is very light, making it a bit flimsy feeling. It’s quite a tough little mower though, and Flymo offers a 2-year warranty once you register for it on their website for peace of mind when buying.



  • Good value.
  • Double-sided trigger handle.
  • Very light.
  • Cons

  • Leaves a bit of a mess despite the grass box.
  • Overall value rating


    5. Flymo Mighti-Mo 300

    Unlike the other Flymo lawn mowers on this list, the Mighti-Mo 300 is a electric cordless mower, meaning it doesn’t need to be plugged in when mowing.

    The portability of this mower makes it a great choice if you have a larger garden, or a lawn with lots of obstacles that would make being tethered difficult. However, lithium-ion batteries are expensive, making this one of the costlier lawn mowers that Flymo sells.

    There are 5 cutting height adjustment options, from 25mm to 65mm, allowing you to keep your grass at the right length depending on the season. Plus, it’s easy to change between the different cutting heights, and there’s a small 30 litre grass box to ensure you don’t leave a mess when mowing long grass.

    The quality of the cut offered by this mower is also quite good. The steel blades stay sharp over time, and can handle long grass with ease.

    However, there’s no rear roller for mowing stripes, and the battery doesn’t last an incredibly long time. Although it’s quick to charge, it doesn’t have enough juice to mow a large garden.



  • Very portable.
  • Good cutting height adjustment settings.
  • Great cut quality.
  • Cons

  • Battery capacity could be better.
  • Overall value rating


    Flymo buyer’s guide

    Flymo hover mower.

    In this section, we’ll explain more about Flymo and the different types of lawn mowers that the company makes.

    About Flymo

    In 1964, Karl Dahlman invented the first hover lawn mower, which he called the Flymo. The product was an immediate success, and soon Flymo was making other types of petrol and electric lawn mowers.

    These days, Flymo is owned by Husqvarna, a Swedish company. However, Flymo mowers are still manufactured at the original factory, in Durham, UK.

    The Flymo range of products has also expanded over the years. As well as lawn mowers, the company now makes other garden tools, including hedge trimmers, strimmers, and lawn edgers.

    What types of mower does Flymo make?

    Flymo manual lawn mower.

    As we just touched on, Flymo now makes all sorts of petrol lawn mowers and electric lawn mowers, including:

    • Corded and cordless electric hover mowers
    • Petrol hover mowers
    • Electric rotary mowers
    • Petrol rotary mowers
    • Manual push mowers
    • Robotic lawn mowers

    Flymo is known best for their hover mowers. They have very little competition in this area, so if you want a hover mower, chances are you’re looking for a Flymo.

    Are Flymo mowers any good?

    Flymo lawn mowers are generally known to be quite good, especially their hover mowers.

    The company has been around for decades now, and their mowers have grown in popularity over time. Part of the reason for this is their lawn mowers are still made in the UK, making them often more durable than many of their competitor’s mowers which are made in China.

    Not all Flymo lawn mowers are perfect though. Sometimes, when they experiment with a new idea, such as an ultra-small hover mower, they don’t get it quite right. Therefore, it’s important to look at reviews of the specific Flymo mower you’re looking at before you buy.

    What are the best types of Flymo lawn mowers?

    Flymo Easi Glide 300 lawn mower.

    The best types of Flymo lawn mowers are generally their hover mowers. This type of mower is what Flymo is known best for.

    However, this isn’t to say that other types of Flymo lawn mowers are bad. Many of their rotary mowers for example are also a good pick.

    Are Flymo mowers expensive?

    Flymo isn’t just known for making good quality mowers, they’re known for being great value as well.

    Flymo’s mowers might not be the cheapest choice, but they’re often not the most expensive either. Given their durability, Flymo mowers are generally excellent value for money.

    The reason Flymo mowers are quite cheap, despite being made in the UK, if the company often uses a lot of plastics on their cheaper mowers. This can make them feel a little flimsy, but nearly all mower manufacturers do this, because it also helps to save weight, making the mower more manoeuvrable.

    Should I buy a Flymo lawn mower?

    Flymo Chevron 32V lawn mower.

    For those looking for a simple, effective way to mow the lawn that won’t break the bank, Flymo lawn mowers are often a great choice.

    They’re relatively inexpensive, durable, and generally offer a clean, quality cut.

    However, it’s always important to compare the Flymo mower you’re looking at to other similar mowers. In some cases, competitors such as Bosch or Einhell will offer a better mower at a more reasonable price – especially if you’re looking at rotary lawn mowers.

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